Rome Viharo teams up with a Neo-Nazi

Rome Viharo’s website posts emails from Mikemikev (whose real name is Michael Coombs), who is now Viharo’s main source of (mis)information:

Even more concerning – based on a number of private emails I’ve received and the very strange discussions happening on talk pages about me, those involved with this may have mental illness. ‘Goblin Face’, whom ever that user is – admitted to having psychological issues with schizophrenia on Wikipedia and was also the voice behind Dan Skeptic. I know this because I receive many emails from those in wiki communities who send me tips and bits of evidence.  It’s a little sad actually that one person with a mental illness could be such a significant culprit in so much break down in online consensus building.

These “private emails” contain the same malicious lies and distortions Mikemikev first posted on Anthroscape in 2013 (coincidentally, the same forum Michael Coombs was banned for pestering a female for sex a year later). Its unclear if Viharo was aware at first these emails were from Mikemikev. However, this was made clear to him and yet Viharo has not bothered to take down the libel on his website, nor issue an apology. Furthermore he doesn’t seem to care the emails were from a Neo-Nazi who has been  blocked over 100 times on Wikipedia for vandalism and has been banned on forums for anti-Semitism, racism and sexual harassment.


Mikemikev, a Neo-Nazi sex pest who sent Viharo “private emails”.


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