Rome Viharo is a paranoid drug-user

Rome Viharo has recently posted (e.g. here, and here) his Encyclopaedia Dramatica, Rationalwiki and Reddit page (plus others?) were all created by the same individual as part of a “internet campaign of harassment”. Of course, Viharo provides no evidence. Its bad enough to falsely accuse someone, but Viharo goes beyond this to state he knows Goblin Face created all these – which is a malicious lie. Viharo is paranoid. The truth of the matter is that Rome Viharo’s online username Tumbleman has been blacklisted and banned on forums for trolling going back to at least 2005:

As that long list of links in the previous point may already indicate, Tumbleman is an antisocial individual on the Internet. He has gleefully trolled many websites in the past. Here is one site that banned him, where he is shown bragging about trolling, e.g. “I should be able to create a rather large discussion that will just continue to grow until mass or close to mass consensus…Now, by ‘staging’ I mean in the theatrical sense. I employed a personality that was designed to talk about world peace and rational thinking that was a bit obnoxious and over the top and playful. Tricks.” As the link says, “OS 012” is some kind of trolling recipe, and this ties him to WP here. More info here. While this stuff may be more appropriate in a separate ANI, I think it bears directly on this sockpuppeting behavior since it is consonant with previous behaviour. vzaak (talk) 20:50, 15 October 2013 (UTC)

None of this has anything to do with Goblin Face, who Viharo has just chosen to single out and slander. The Reddit, Encyclopaedia Dramatica and Rationalwiki entries for Viharo were all created by different people. Why has Viharo concocted a fantasy one individual is behind everything? The answer is unhealthy drug-use appears to have increased his paranoia.


Rome Viharo, paranoid drug-user


Rome Viharo has contributed nothing


Rome Viharo regularly criticizes Wikipedia editors who were involved in blocking his sock puppets in 2013-2014. Take for example Goblin Face who Viharo slanders by saying: “this individual should receive legally binding order to stay off the internet”. And yet, compared to Viharo who has not added a single page-entry to Wikipedia: Goblin Face (aka Dan Skeptic) has page-entries, alongside thousands of constructive edits. In contrast Rome Viharo’s only edits are on talk-pages, to circumvent his blocks,  or to troll.

Rome Viharo teams up with a Neo-Nazi

Rome Viharo’s website posts emails from Mikemikev (whose real name is Michael Coombs), who is now Viharo’s main source of (mis)information:

Even more concerning – based on a number of private emails I’ve received and the very strange discussions happening on talk pages about me, those involved with this may have mental illness. ‘Goblin Face’, whom ever that user is – admitted to having psychological issues with schizophrenia on Wikipedia and was also the voice behind Dan Skeptic. I know this because I receive many emails from those in wiki communities who send me tips and bits of evidence.  It’s a little sad actually that one person with a mental illness could be such a significant culprit in so much break down in online consensus building.

These “private emails” contain the same malicious lies and distortions Mikemikev first posted on Anthroscape in 2013 (coincidentally, the same forum Michael Coombs was banned for pestering a female for sex a year later). Its unclear if Viharo was aware at first these emails were from Mikemikev. However, this was made clear to him and yet Viharo has not bothered to take down the libel on his website, nor issue an apology. Furthermore he doesn’t seem to care the emails were from a Neo-Nazi who has been  blocked over 100 times on Wikipedia for vandalism and has been banned on forums for anti-Semitism, racism and sexual harassment.


Mikemikev, a Neo-Nazi sex pest who sent Viharo “private emails”.